Water Meter Leak Plumbing Emergency

Water meter leaks can either be a major emergency or a plumbing issue that can be addressed later one once you get the water to the property off. Read below.

Water meter horn leaking

Water meter horn leaking

Depending on where the source of the water leak is can determine if it’s a true emergency. If the water leak is above a shut off valve try carefully turning the water off. If you get the water off then take some time and hire a plumber that will treat you right and not over charge you. Ask neighbors, family members and friends who they have used in the past for their plumbing and drain cleaning problems and repairs.

If the water leak is coming from the meter horn itself call the city that you live in. If the water leak in coming from underneath the shut off valve close to the floor, call the city so they can turn off your water source from the street. After the water is off then hire a plumber. Not all water leaks need to be address at the time they occur. Determining how serious a plumbing problems is will determine how much you will spend on that service call.


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