Can’t believe this is what we find in sewer lines

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How Do You Remove Tree Roots?

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Removing tree roots from sewer lines isn’t as easy as some think. Tree roots have to be cut out and sometimes ever power jetted out. In the worst cases they have to be excavated and removed if they get strong.

If you stay on top of cleaning your sewer line you’ll most likely be fine. All sewer systems get old and break down but cleaning your sewer line will pro long it.

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Hydro Water Jetting MN

Having a sewer back up is no fun and ruining nice carpet or personal belongings is a heart breaker. Weather you own a residential or commercial property you should have your main sewer line cleaned at least once a year depending on the condition of your own sewer system. If you’ve never cleaned your sewer system you should get it cleaned to find out the condition of your line. Some lines are worse then others.

Hydro water jetting is a great way to remove all debris some of which include heavy root growth and hardened sludge like grease and oil. Debris over the course of the year builds up on the walls of the sewer line which closes the diameter and clog up your sewer line. Clogged blocked up sewer lines are nasty and not fun to clean up depending on how big the back up is.

Call us today to schedule your maintenance cleaning or if you have a blocked plugged sewer line.

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Why does plumbing go bad?

Just like cars and people, plumbing breaks down as well. Plumbing needs it’s so called “tune up oil change” as well. What I mean by this is plumbing and drains need to be cleaned and tuned out which means replaced and repaired.

Laundry Tubs Pipes Leaking

Laundry Tubs Pipes Leaking

Plumbing depending on how serious needs to be replaced. At times depending on the severity can just be repaired until it’s worsens to the point where repair isn’t an option. Drains all need cleaning with snakes and blades and sometimes even high water pressure. As for plumbing pipes and drains that carries all sorts of debris from one place to another needs to be repaired or replaced. Water and debris that stay in one spot for to long hardens and grow in the pipe. At this point the drains need cleaning and depending on how serve needs to even be replaced like in the picture above. Finally, this laundry tub trap rusted out and started leaking out of the pipe. Leaking from pipes can cause smells.

Call us today for set up any appointment from cleaning to repaired to replacing any plumbing or drain pipe.

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Bathroom Sink Nipple?

Plumbing is an interesting field/career. Each and everyday your needed and you never know in which direction of work you’ll do that day. People say there job is the same everyday well plumbing seems like it’s never the same plus you meet new people and see all different kinds of properties.

bathoom sink nipple broken

bathoom sink nipple broken

There’s pro’s and con’s to every job. In the picture above you see a bathroom sink with a nipple coming out from the wall. This client was having leaking due to a cracked nipple. Sometimes you can get lucky and repair this without even harming the wall. As you can tell finding pink tile to match would be difficult. So work very carefully and respectfully of each and every owner. If there’s no choice but to open the wall to fix we would have.

Thank you to all our past and future clients with putting your trust in our company.

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Automatic Flushing Urinal

Back in the day urinals and toilets never had the luxury of flushing by themselves. Though there are always pros and cons to both we feel having an automatic flushing sensor saves on more then money in the long run. There are several reason why. Read below.

Automatic Flushing Urinal

Automatic Flushing Urinal

1. Saves money
2. Saves water
3. Saves on wear and tear
4. Saves on the unit itself

In a commercial setting weather office building, mall or restaurant each and every toilet and urinal should be automatic. Not just because of health and germ catching. But because we live in a fast world and people seem to forget the simple tasks at hand. Yes, I mean most people forget to flush and wash their hands once existing a public restroom. This may seem gross but the truth is the truth.

Having one flush per time is all you need in a commercial setting if there’s a power flush toilet or if there’s an eye sensor installed. Let the automatic flush do it’s job. Meaning people don’t have to stand around waiting to flush again and again. The automatic flushing mechanism will do our job for us (isn’t that what’s life’s about). Saving money is a big deal and a little here and a little there makes a big difference each and every month to save on money and water.

Wear and tear is another angle to view this from. What do I mean? Toilets and urinals that don’t have automatic flushing mechanism’s get pushed and kicked around which means they don’t last as long. Most people cause of germs won’t flush a urinal which then causes hard calcium build up in the drain line. Calcium build up causes clogged drains and also internal parts of a urinal to wear faster which means replacing more frequently. As for toilets, the handle is at the perfect kicking level for your foot so most people that flush toilets in a public restroom will flush but will do so with their foot. A reminder a foot pushes and moves much faster and stronger then our hands.

If your having any issues with clogged, leaking, running or just want to replace any toilet or urinal call Barrett Sewer Service today!

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Bathtub Plumbing Handles

Bathtubs are no different then any other plumbing fixtures in your home. Eventually they leak and if not properly set up they can be a pain to repair or replace. Though plumbing isn’t always straight forward we find ways to repair and replace whatever needs to be done.

Bathtub Faucet Handles Leaking

Bathtub Faucet Handles Leaking

The issue is that when houses were built no one ever thought about plumbers in the future. For example, take the sewer stack line in the basement or lowest level in homes sometimes the opening faces the wrong way so we can even get the proper equipment in the pipe. That’s just one issue of many. All bathtubs should have access panels in the wall behind them. Plumbing doesn’t last forever and needs repair and replacing in life. Make sure you add access panels before an issue arises.

We use bathtubs all the time and some families use them several times a day depending on the size. Bathtubs clog and plug up from time to time. Even families that don’t have hair going down drains their is other disgusting grease that gets down drains and soap scum is one. Bugs live and grow in plumbing pipes.

For all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs please call us asap. Bathtubs can be gross and when they clog up it’s not a pretty site. Bathtubs smell and their are only a couple ways to get rid of that nasty smell.

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Plumbing Pipes shouldn’t be this filled with tree roots

The issue is that we all don’t understand main sewer lines and even their functionality. What we can’t see in front of our faces in life can cause issues.

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Their are several ways to prevent tree roots from sewer lines but homeowners have to be willing to spend some money. Sewer lines are no different then our cars or our own health. We spend money on car repairs and on health bills. Honestly, plumbing & drain cleaning does take some maintenance each and every year. Cleaning a sewer line yearly is important, otherwise major issues can occur. We’ve seen several sewer lines this year that haven’t been cleaned in 3 plus years and now the lines have collapsed pipe.

It’s a little gross to think about plumbing and drain cleaning but we all have to understand that plumbing and drain cleaning is a major part of living in a home. Plumbing is everywhere we go and if you don’t understand the first thing about plumbing talk to your neighbors and friends and find a plumbing who you can call and who you can trust when problems arise. And trust me when I say plumbing and drain cleaning problems arise at the worst most possible times weather it’s at night/weekend or on a holiday.

If you live in the Twin Cities Metro area and are having plumbing difficulties feel free to pick up and phone and call were only a phone call away. We are here to help guide you in the right direction.

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Commercial / Residential Floor Drains Clogged In Minneapolis Minnesota

After some time all floor drains rust out and large debris gets down the pipe and clogs it up. Call the professions to help you with your drain cleaning and plumbing issues.

Barrett Sewer Service is around for your plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Let us prove ourselves to you.

Floor Drains that are Clogged Plugged or Backing-Up

Floor Drains that are Clogged Plugged or Backing-Up

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Water Meter Leak Plumbing Emergency

Water meter leaks can either be a major emergency or a plumbing issue that can be addressed later one once you get the water to the property off. Read below.

Water meter horn leaking

Water meter horn leaking

Depending on where the source of the water leak is can determine if it’s a true emergency. If the water leak is above a shut off valve try carefully turning the water off. If you get the water off then take some time and hire a plumber that will treat you right and not over charge you. Ask neighbors, family members and friends who they have used in the past for their plumbing and drain cleaning problems and repairs.

If the water leak is coming from the meter horn itself call the city that you live in. If the water leak in coming from underneath the shut off valve close to the floor, call the city so they can turn off your water source from the street. After the water is off then hire a plumber. Not all water leaks need to be address at the time they occur. Determining how serious a plumbing problems is will determine how much you will spend on that service call.

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