Tree roots in sewer lines due to neglect

Rule number 1: Maintain your sewer line before any issues arise
Rule number 2: Clean your sewer line on maintenance
Rule number 3: Make sure you scope your sewer line every couple years to view and inspect the condition of your sewer pipe

Tree Roots from sewer lines

Tree Roots from sewer lines

Don’t be the owner excavating due to neglecting your sewer line through the years. Excavation costs can start at $3,000
Call Barrett Sewer today to clean your sewer line and scope to inspect the condition. Cleaning your main sewer line will prevent further damage that may already be there. Every line gets clogged in their own way weather there flat, back pitched, have tree roots or scale build up. Every kind of debris that gets inside your sewer line will eventually clog it up. Sewer lines aren’t made forever to be perfect. Everything breaks down over time and maintenance needs to be done to keep drain lines up to par.

Barrett Sewer Sewer handles all sorts of drain cleaning issues and plumbing. Call us today


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