Is your Main Sewer Line clogged due to tree-roots?

These are tree roots that grow and grow inside your sewer line.


People ask all the time if it’s worth it to repair their sewer line and never have to clean it again. Well, actually it doesn’t quite work that way. Even though roots grow and you have to maintain them, it’s the same concept as going to get your teeth cleaned or getting your haircut.

Spending the money to repair your sewer line fully could cost you up to 10,000 plus depending on the scope of the land. Cleaning your sewer line will cost on average of a couple hundred dollars a time if you maintain it on routine before an issue arises. Once an issues arises the damage from roots or a shifted pipe has already happened. Though a sewer tile may have moved that doesn’t indicate either that excavation is needed. Companies make most their money on excavation jobs and that’s why they push so hard to get you to repair your sewer line. Before any digging is done have your local drain cleaning company come out and give you their opinion cause they don’t make money off excavation and there typically be on your side.

Our company cleans sewer lines everyday and it’s one of our main specialties. On average we save homeowners and business $279 on cleans by choosing our company.

We hope you give us a chance on cleaning your sewer line, inspecting your sewer line with our camera technology and other drain issues.

If you live in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Twin Cities area feel free to call and ask any sewer question.


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