Drain Cleaning

Are you experiencing a drain or sewer that is clogged or a drain that clogs up to often?

Here at Barrett Sewer Service we handle simple clogs to very complex drain cleaning issues each and every day. Weather your 2″ pipe is plugged and just won’t drain or your main to the city sewer is plugged and your toilet won’t flush we handle each situation that comes our way.

Drain and sewer services provided include but are not limited to:

Drain Cleaning
Main Sewer Lines
Toilets Drains
Floor Drains
Laundry Tubs
Kitchen Sinks
Bathroom Sinks
Mop Sinks
Area Drains
Bar Drain
Garage Drain
& Much More!

Hydro Jetting
Camera Inspections
Frozen Lines

If your having any of the above drain cleaning issues call us today

Whenever a drain or sewer problem comes about we know it’s not fun for any property owner, but we know the job must get done. Our technicians have the years of experience and knowledge to solve your issue. Our company services Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

Drain and sewer clogs and plugs can happen at any time and without any notice. We know having a clogged drain can be very frustrating and that’s why we do our best to get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible to allow your life to get back to normal. Weather your sink is plugged or your toilet won’t flush we can handle and open your clogged drain.

Preventative Maintenance

Our company offers regular drain cleaning at a convenient time on maintenance before any issue or drain has the chance to get clogged. Depending on the age of the pipe, let’s tackle cleaning your drain before it decides to clog up on a night, weekend, family function or worse a holiday. Barrett Sewer Service offers preventative maintenance throughout the entire Twin Cities area which include Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

Our company looks forward to helping a bad day turn good again, quick!