Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Clogged – Plugged – Backed-Up – Slow Draining Plumbing.

Minneapolis, St. Paul and the entire Twin Cities area has clogged drains and sewer cleaning problems each and every day. Our mission is to service as many clients at the most top notch service possible. We are known for helping out clients of all incomes. Our prices are fair and affordable for everyone’s budget. Our services are less then 50% of the bigger named competitors around town. Barrett Sewer Service understands that drain & sewer cleaning can go wrong at a moments notice. Don’t break the bank the next time your drain or sewer backs up, call Barrett Sewer Service today!

When you notice your toilet, sink, or tub are clogging or is 100% clogged you may be inspired to fix the issue yourself but understanding how plumbing works and using the right tools will make the issue go away faster without making is worse. Not having plumbing knowledge can make problems worse and end up costing more in the long run. For example don’t try a chemical down your drain to open it up, the reason is because chemicals can cause further problems like major pipe repair. Some chemicals can cause weakness in pipes.

When you call a Minneapolis & St. Paul drain and sewer cleaning company, you know that the issue will be diagnosed and resolved in a professional manner. Barrett Sewer Service has technicians that have the experience needed to resolve your issue.

Our company handles a variety of drain and sewer cleaning problems

Unclogging drain every day here are just some of the main drains we work on:

• Main Sewer Lines –
• Toilets –
• Kitchen Sinks –
• Floor Drains –
• Tubs & Showers –
• Garage Drains –
• Hydro Water Jetting