Plumbing Pipes shouldn’t be this filled with tree roots

The issue is that we all don’t understand main sewer lines and even their functionality. What we can’t see in front of our faces in life can cause issues.

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Their are several ways to prevent tree roots from sewer lines but homeowners have to be willing to spend some money. Sewer lines are no different then our cars or our own health. We spend money on car repairs and on health bills. Honestly, plumbing & drain cleaning does take some maintenance each and every year. Cleaning a sewer line yearly is important, otherwise major issues can occur. We’ve seen several sewer lines this year that haven’t been cleaned in 3 plus years and now the lines have collapsed pipe.

It’s a little gross to think about plumbing and drain cleaning but we all have to understand that plumbing and drain cleaning is a major part of living in a home. Plumbing is everywhere we go and if you don’t understand the first thing about plumbing talk to your neighbors and friends and find a plumbing who you can call and who you can trust when problems arise. And trust me when I say plumbing and drain cleaning problems arise at the worst most possible times weather it’s at night/weekend or on a holiday.

If you live in the Twin Cities Metro area and are having plumbing difficulties feel free to pick up and phone and call were only a phone call away. We are here to help guide you in the right direction.

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Commercial / Residential Floor Drains Clogged In Minneapolis Minnesota

After some time all floor drains rust out and large debris gets down the pipe and clogs it up. Call the professions to help you with your drain cleaning and plumbing issues.

Barrett Sewer Service is around for your plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Let us prove ourselves to you.

Floor Drains that are Clogged Plugged or Backing-Up

Floor Drains that are Clogged Plugged or Backing-Up

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Water Meter Leak Plumbing Emergency

Water meter leaks can either be a major emergency or a plumbing issue that can be addressed later one once you get the water to the property off. Read below.

Water meter horn leaking

Water meter horn leaking

Depending on where the source of the water leak is can determine if it’s a true emergency. If the water leak is above a shut off valve try carefully turning the water off. If you get the water off then take some time and hire a plumber that will treat you right and not over charge you. Ask neighbors, family members and friends who they have used in the past for their plumbing and drain cleaning problems and repairs.

If the water leak is coming from the meter horn itself call the city that you live in. If the water leak in coming from underneath the shut off valve close to the floor, call the city so they can turn off your water source from the street. After the water is off then hire a plumber. Not all water leaks need to be address at the time they occur. Determining how serious a plumbing problems is will determine how much you will spend on that service call.

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St. Louis Park MN Floor Drain Line Clogged

Drain Lines get clogged and plugged all the time and properly running professional augers down lines in the right way to open them.

Debris Grease in Floor Drain Debris Grease in Floor Drain

Debris Grease in Floor Drain

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is a specialized profession that only professionals should address when issues arise. From plumbing leaks to breaks to clogged drain lines weather residential or commercial only the pro’s should be hired to repair and fix the problem.

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Commercial Kitchen Sink Trap Leaking

Making sure leaking don’t happen or if they do repairing properly right away is very important for commercial use.

Plumbing Trap Leaking in Minneapolis MN

Plumbing Trap Leaking in Minneapolis MN

Having water pouring our from plumbing traps can cause workers to slip and dirty water splattering up. The commercial kitchen is clean but when plumbing problems happen repairing them is important as quick as you can.

Don’t just hire any company hire a company that you trust and you know will take care of the issue right and not over charge you as well. Becoming friends with a plumbing company is a good thing weather your a commercial or residential property. Plumbers can be expensive but if you build a relationship with the right one, you’ll be treated right everything.

Call Barrett Sewer Service today for all your drain cleaning and plumbing issues. Will treat you right from the start.

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Tree-Roots Retrieved through Floor Drain

It’s never good when pulling any roots from a 2″ floor drain but it does happen and often. Whenever roots are pulled from a floor drain we know that it’s time to clean the sewer line, actually it’s an indication that the main sewer line has been neglected and should have been cleaned earlier on.
Read below.


Property owners think that roots can’t grow under there cement floor, but think again roots can grow anywhere and yes we pull them from floor drain weekly and some even are broken and need jacking hammering repair. By cleaning your floor drain and sewer lines on maintenance yearly you will be in better shape. If you don’t clean your drain lines and only use a chemical that you think works you’ll end up paying the price. Most often then not it’s a high price that can really dent your pocket book or bank account.

Maintain your lines and call Barrett Sewer Service today for all your drain cleaning needs. Including main sewer lines, floor drains, laundry tubs, sink, tubs, toilet and much much more. We’ve been cleaning drains for decades and have the expertise your looking for. Don’t hire a rookie or someone dirt cheap cause most the time they will open you up and leave without properly finishing the job.

Call Barrett Sewer Service to camera inspect your sewer line to be able to 100% indicate the condition of your sewer line and give you proper advise as to how to maintain your line. Every sewer line and drain line is different so call us and set up an appointment today before it’s to late.

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Shower Head Emergency

Shower heads can be the trickiest but seem to be the most simple plumbing project in the book at times, but think again. Most the time shower heads can be taken off and installed rather easily but when we get called it seems to always be tricky.

Shower Head

Shower Head

In the picture about the shower head blew off or broke off and water for some reason was pouring out and the handles didn’t work. Kinda odd if you ask me. When does the shower head brake off and the handles don’t work. Better yet this bathtub had no shut offs of access panel behind so we had to turn the water off for the entire house which was a task of it’s own. The valve below the meter was broken and the one above the handle was broken off. At this point we understood why we were called out. It was a professional job the a professional not a rookie.

Long story short, we turned the water off in the house fixed the handles by repairing the insides and replaced the shower head for the reason we thought we were coming out.

Call the pro’s next time you get in a pinch with your plumbing and or drain cleaning. Were professionals for a reason. We look forward to hearing from you.

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