Bathroom Sink Nipple?

Plumbing is an interesting field/career. Each and everyday your needed and you never know in which direction of work you’ll do that day. People say there job is the same everyday well plumbing seems like it’s never the same plus you meet new people and see all different kinds of properties.

bathoom sink nipple broken

bathoom sink nipple broken

There’s pro’s and con’s to every job. In the picture above you see a bathroom sink with a nipple coming out from the wall. This client was having leaking due to a cracked nipple. Sometimes you can get lucky and repair this without even harming the wall. As you can tell finding pink tile to match would be difficult. So work very carefully and respectfully of each and every owner. If there’s no choice but to open the wall to fix we would have.

Thank you to all our past and future clients with putting your trust in our company.


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