Automatic Flushing Urinal

Back in the day urinals and toilets never had the luxury of flushing by themselves. Though there are always pros and cons to both we feel having an automatic flushing sensor saves on more then money in the long run. There are several reason why. Read below.

Automatic Flushing Urinal

Automatic Flushing Urinal

1. Saves money
2. Saves water
3. Saves on wear and tear
4. Saves on the unit itself

In a commercial setting weather office building, mall or restaurant each and every toilet and urinal should be automatic. Not just because of health and germ catching. But because we live in a fast world and people seem to forget the simple tasks at hand. Yes, I mean most people forget to flush and wash their hands once existing a public restroom. This may seem gross but the truth is the truth.

Having one flush per time is all you need in a commercial setting if there’s a power flush toilet or if there’s an eye sensor installed. Let the automatic flush do it’s job. Meaning people don’t have to stand around waiting to flush again and again. The automatic flushing mechanism will do our job for us (isn’t that what’s life’s about). Saving money is a big deal and a little here and a little there makes a big difference each and every month to save on money and water.

Wear and tear is another angle to view this from. What do I mean? Toilets and urinals that don’t have automatic flushing mechanism’s get pushed and kicked around which means they don’t last as long. Most people cause of germs won’t flush a urinal which then causes hard calcium build up in the drain line. Calcium build up causes clogged drains and also internal parts of a urinal to wear faster which means replacing more frequently. As for toilets, the handle is at the perfect kicking level for your foot so most people that flush toilets in a public restroom will flush but will do so with their foot. A reminder a foot pushes and moves much faster and stronger then our hands.

If your having any issues with clogged, leaking, running or just want to replace any toilet or urinal call Barrett Sewer Service today!


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