Tree roots intrusion in your sewer line

Ever wonder why tree roots grow inside sewer line?

Tree roots intrusion in your sewer line

Tree roots intrusion in your sewer line

Tree roots like any other living thing attracts to water. No matter what your sewer line is made out of for example cast iron, ABS, PVC and everything in between roots will find their way in. Yes, 99% of sewer lines need to be cleaned yearly to remove root growth. By ignoring the fact that your not backing up doesn’t mean your sewer line shouldn’t be cleaned.


If you yard has no tree but your neighbor next to you or across the street has a tree they will get inside your sewer pipe. Being in the busy a long time we know what happens and we also know excavation cost aren’t fun.

Prolong your excavation and clean your sewer lines.

Barrett Sewer Service cleans and inspects sewer lines when need be.

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