How do I know where my main sewer line is clogged?

It’s hard to determine where your main sewer line is clogged at times. It can either be clogged inside underneath your foundation or outside in the yard traveling to the main city sewer line. Your main sewer line will eventually travel all the debris to the city sewer system and away. If your basement is flooded or water is backed up on the floor by flushing a toilet you can determine what the problem is. If water backs up further when you flush any toilet the sewer going to the city street is clogged. If you flush your basement toilet and that drains out but the your toilet on 2nd level doesn’t flush then your experiencing an inside sewer clog.

Inside sewer clogs can lead to having outside sewer line plugs. Having any clogged drain weather it’s during the week or on the weekend is never a fun situation to under-go.

Hiring the right drain cleaning company for the job is very important. Remember not to panic and call the first company you search for on Google. Chances are you’ll be hiring a company that will be majorly high priced. Bigger sized companies will take advantages if your not on top of your game and ask the proper questions. Hiring a drain cleaning company referred to you by a family member or friend is the smart way to go. Some drain clogs or more severe then others but all need to be addressed as soon as possible. Main sewer lines that have tree-roots need yearly attention if not more. Major excavations will be needed if root intrusion gets to serious. Snaking sewer lines annually is smart and good for your pipes.

Barrett Sewer Service would like the chance at taking care of your next drain cleaning issue.

Let us prove to you our honestly and loyal-ship to you.

Our company cleans all clogged or plugged up drains including:

Main Sewer Lines, Inside Main Sewer Lines, Floor Drains, Laundry Tubs, Stand Pipes, Area Drain, Mop Sinks, Commercial Drain cleaning, Residential Drain Cleaning. Plumbing Installations, Plumbing Repairs, Plumbing Fixtures, Kitchen Sinks, Bar Sinks, Bathroom Sinks, Bathtubs, Showers, Claw foot tubs, walk-in showers, Garage floor drains, Back-yard drains, roto rooting, tree-root removal and much much more!


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