Warnings Of A Sewer Drain Clog

A Main Sewer line clog is a serious problem and should be addressed right away. This could also be classified as a plumbing emergency. When your experiencing a main sewer line back-up that means there is no place for the water to flow out of. Since your main sewer line is clogged that means water will find it’s way up somewhere or another. Having a clogged sewer line means that water will end up backing up in your house or office space instead of flowing out to the city sewer line.

When you notice your having a sewer problems that means no other source of water in that building should be used until the drain in unclogged.

Some warnings to indicate your having a sewer clog are the following:

When more then one fixture in your property is not working. Having several drains backing up at once can indicate your sewer line has a blockage. Toilets that aren’t flushing can mean your sewer line is plugged. If your toilets are flushing and other fixtures aren’t working that means you have an inside sewer issue. Several smaller drains could be clogged as well. Showers & Tubs is another way to see if your main sewer line is clogged. Run your closest shower or tub to the main sewer opening and see if further back-up occurs in your basement.

Barrett Sewer Service handles all drain cleaning issues weather it’s your main sewer line clogged or smaller branch lines. Our company provides emergency service as well. Call Barrett Sewer Service (651) 488-0536


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