Emergency Plumber in Hopkins, MN

Knowing a local honest plumber and drain cleaner can be very handy at times. Working in Hopkins, MN zip code 55434 we service both plumbing and drain cleaning for residential and commercial properties. We offer all plumbing repairs and installations along with full drain cleaning.

Main sewer lines need yearly cleaning to make sure tree root intrusion stays at a minimum. Once roots puncture the pipe the only way to truly get rid of them is be repairing the pipe and yes that means excavation. If your not familiar with excavation that means digging a whole in your yard and actually installing a new piece of pipe. This task can cost thousands. By augering out your main sewer line yearly you can slow down the pipe separation and might not have to dig for years. Roto Rooting your sewer line is the best kind of preventative maintenance one can perform on their drain line.

Ask yourself are you sick of flooding your basement?

Are you tried of calling a plumber out at night or on the weekend and paying extra?

Are you ready to spend thousands to repair your sewer line?

If you answered yes to any of those question then do yourself a favor and set yourself up on sewer maintenance with Barrett Sewer Service.

Maintenance is cheaper then clogged lines and will get the job down at the convenience of everyone.

Barrett Sewer Service hope to hear from you weather your branch line is clogged of your main sewer line is plugged up. Bathroom sink, tubs and shower all should be roto rooted as well. Pipes fill up wit debris weather you use the drain line or not. Kitchen sink, laundry tubs, floor drain and area drains all should get a snaking every so often. Don’t wait until your drain clogs and maybe broken.


About Plumbing & Drains

Hey everyone, my blogs are primarily about plumbing and drain cleaning. You'll also find interesting tips, articles and funny plumbing pictures. Are blogs will be short and sweet. The plumbing field is so fast and you have to be ready to react. Being in business for over 40 years we have tons of information to share. We hope you enjoy our blogging and please feel free to contact us.
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