What does the inside of a toilet look like

Toilets mainly look like the one below. Parts on all toilets can change. Certain parts only work for certain toilets. Understanding how a toilet works is easy but actually repairing one is another challenge.


Toilet all have Fillvalves or also known Ballcocks. The Ballcocks job of the toilet is to tell the toilet when to turn off. It’s very important that the toilet shuts off at the right height otherwise you may not getting a good enough flush. If the fillvalve doesn’t shut off you may have some serious problems. If you ever hear your toilet running or making any kind of hissing noise call your local plumber ASAP. Having a toilet problem is never fun and can be worse then it may look.

The overflow tube is where the water from the ballcock/fillvalve gets put into the bowl directly. It’s important that the water goes directly it the overflow tube and not just let hang around in the tank spraying around. If there was no refill overflow tube that the water in the bowl would stay very low.

The flapper is what let’s the water flow through to the bowl to make that flush. Depending on how your flapper is set that will determine the amount of water to let out from the tank.

Toilet parts all need to be replaced over time and some last longer then otherwise. Being that these parts are in water all the time they wear out.

Barrett Sewer Service installs, replaces, repairs and unclogs all kinds of toilet. Our company works on every brand toilet.


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