Camera Sewer Lines for Tree Root Intrusion

Every property has their own problems weather their major or minor. Every issue needs to be properly addressed. The older properties get the more problems they will have to take care of. Main sewer lines have problems if not cleaned annually. Sewer pipes are put together in sections. Each section of the sewer pipe has a chance on getting root intrusion later in life. As sewer lines age they don’t magically get better, only worse.


Inspecting sewer lines after professionally cleaning them is a smart decision. Knowing the condition of your sewer line is the same as saying you want to know the condition of your vehicle. The camera inspection will show every pipe put together and every root opening. Tree root intrusion is very common and by inspecting your line you might prolong excavating your pipe.

When undergoing a clogged drain the camera can’t see through water. The camera will tell the digging companies where the whole needs to be made to repair the pipe. Most the time only sections of lines need repairing not the entire line.


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