Main Sewer Line Maintenance Plans

It’s more important then you think to have your main sewer line cleaned weather you have roots growing in them or not. Sewer lines handle all the debris that you put down your drains. Debris hardens and becomes thick if the pipe doesn’t get an annual scrap cleaning. Just because you flush debris your toilet or put debris down another internal pipe don’t just assume it gets all the way to the main city sewer. Roots are in 99% off all sewer lines. Roots get into the sewer line cause their finding their way to water. Especially on a dry year roots need water. Years were we have plenty of water roots will still find their way into sewer lines. There is no stopping roots from growing in ones sewer lines.
People that have newer homes with PVC pipe are no different. Roots will get into PVC pipe as well. PVC isn’t better then cast iron or galvanized pipes. Cast iron and galvanized lasted many many years. Even though people know that PVC piping is newer doesn’t mean it’s stringer or will last longer. PVC can easily crack being that it’s made out of plastic.
The smart property owners have their sewer lines cleaned yearly and most likely will eliminate major problems. One thing no body can control is ground movement.
Call us today to set up your main sewer line cleaning.


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